Tanner reidman | owner/designer

My passion for design began at a young age and my skills were developed through the trades, swinging a hammer. I enjoy working with my hands and making something from nothing. That experience led me to an Architectural Drafting and Estimating from NDSCS in Whapeton, N.Dak. My broad background in both drafting and building underlines a commitment to providing our clients with precise design and drafting services.

Plain View Design was established in Sept. of 2013 when Blake Preszler and I decided to quite our day jobs and pursue our passion for residential design. Blake was working at a local architecture firm and I was drafting for builder supply company. Our goal was to bring a different level of design service to our local residential market. Design is a crucial part of the building process and our goal is help our client understand and visualize exactly what they are getting.