A Radlander Getaway

My wife and I recently took a quick, much needed, weekend getaway to the RADLANDER, a cabin situated amongst the rugged badlands of ND. This is the first project I have ever been apart of designing in which I have been able to experience overnight. As a designer, being able to actually live in and use first hand something you have designed is one best educational tools you could buy. It allows you to critique, analyze, and study what was planned vs. what was actually built and how they relate.

Our experience left us wanting more. We love spending time in Medora and the rugged Badlands of ND. This was our first winter trip to Medora and surely not our last. It was validation as to why one would build a vacation cabin in the middle of such rugged land. Exploration and adventure can happen year around at this retreat. Not to mention the absolute darkness of night this location has to offer. If you live in the city you will know what I am talking about.

The cabin is truly a cabin in the sense that there are still some loose ends that may or may not ever get done. That is also the joy of what it is. Spending time with loved ones becomes more important than the final details. The layout, function, and systems of the home were comfortable and easy to manage. The windows capture all the right views and essence of the land that surrounds. When design considers it surroundings first and foremost, the results are compelling.

Needless to say my expectations were surpassed. I can honestly say I learned a few things from this stay. Yes, I would have changed or addressed some things, but that is why the next project will always be our best. We don’t always get the opportunity to be involved throughout the building process and I would argue that having the designer involved throughout the build is extremely beneficial on many levels. Things that are overlooked become missed opportunities that you never realize until it is to late. All in all this project is exactly what it was meant to be and will likely be enjoyed for many years to come.


Radlander Progress

The Radlander cabin is under construction in the badlands of ND. It is designed for two families as their primary vacation spot to take full advantage of what the badlands has to offer. A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Medora to help out with some framing and the hope of being able to do some riding on the rugged Maah Daah Hey trail. Although we never got around to shredding some single track, we were able to get the cabin dried in. 

We are extremely excited for this cabin to be complete and look forward to the joy it will bring the families who get to call this place their "vacation spot". With all the badlands and Medora have to offer, we are certain this will be a busy spot in the near future. Cheers and happy friday.

Agnew Farm House

Project Location: Moffit ND

Surrounded by trees to the north and old farm buildings, the Agnew Farmhouse naturally took shape to capture the expansive southern views of the prairie on which it resides. Inspired from the rural venacular of the property, the home was designed for an engaged couple looking to spend their days on the family farm. Built next to the original house on the property, a story of past, present, and future continues to be written.  The south facing porch is shaded by the upper level and offers easy access from yard to the heart of the home. North Dakota offers challenging weather, so naturally a south-west facing garage to melt the snow from the driveway is often required. This also allowed for the the garage to be hidden from sight as you approach the home from the NE. Respecting its surroundings, the home emphasizes modern design and simple farmer logic to create a home for the couple to begin their marriage and grow old together. Cheers to what was, what is, and what's to come...

General Contractor: Paramount Builders

Photos: Tim Anderson

Elm tree Progress

Last week we decided to take a trip up to New Town to check up on the progress at the Elm tree project. We took a road trip with the guys over at Paramount Builders. We were very thrilled to see how things were coming along. This has been a complex project in a remote location, which can make things hard to schedule. Things seem to be on track and we can't wait to show you the finished product. 

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