KESSEL RUN | Status Report

We are currently working on the initial stages of building Kessel Run and after a long drawn out design and approval process it is nice to finally see some progress on site. If you don’t know what KR (Kessel Run) is check out the site for more information as I won’t go into the back story here. I am going to mainly discuss the current status and the building process up to this point and hopefully not completely bore you. If you like building, design, construction, infill, or anything like that then this is for you. I hope to shed light on this project as it gets built and share some of the things we are doing along with struggles that come our way.

So Far

The first step after all the pre-planning and approval process was to get the hole in the ground. Sounds simple and it typically is. The challenge has been the site restrictions. That and making sure we don’t mess with the existing trees. Our excavation and plumbing team finally got a hole in the ground and excavation only took 2 days to complete. Much to our surprise we had no old foundations or debris to deal with which helped things go smoothly. Once our hole was dug the foundation crew was in setting up footings and walls. This seem to all go pretty smooth as well and since the units have no basement, we get to skip the drain tile and foundation tar.

kessle image BLK.png